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Pornography and American Corporations
last updated 2005-04-18 by

Companies like General Motors, AOL Time Warner, owner of Fox News, and Marriott earn revenue by piping adult movies into Americans' homes and hotel rooms, but you won't see anything about it in their company reports. And you won't hear them talking about the production companies that actually make the films or the performers the producers hire, men and women as young as 18, for sex that is often unprotected. Among the banks currently or previously facilitating the Internet pornography trade: Minotola National Bank of Vineland, N.J.; Heartland Bank of St. Louis, Mo.; Benchmark Bank of Dallas; Amtrade International Bank of Atlanta; and First Data's First Financial Bank, along with a firm known mainly to porn peddlers: Paycom Billing Services of Marina del Rey, Calif.

See ABC News Store - to read more
Sexism - Violence against Women, Porn
The Pornography Plague

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Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election
last updated 2005-04-18 by

According to informed sources in Washington and Houston, the Bush campaign spent some $29 million to pay polling place operatives to rig the election for Bush.

See Marc's Translations on War and Peace

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More Votes than Voters
last updated 2005-04-18 by

According to the official Wyoming website, the turnout was 106%. 245,000 votes for 230,000 voters.

See Official Wyoming Voting Statistics Website

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U.S. Election Problems
last updated 2004-11-01 by

One million Kerry Votes Already Stolen (before election day).

New electronic voting machines have secret programming instructions that may be set up so that their manufacturers can alter vote tallies during elections, too few people vote, legally registered voters have been removed from electronic state voting rolls, the Help America Vote Act increases likelihood of election fraud, and the Bush administration is seeking to limit voters' rights to sue over voting rights.

See Election Atlas
How to Rig an Election in the U.S.
Bigger than Watergate

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War Profiteering and US Companies Doing Business with Terrorists
last updated 2004-10-25 by

Arms sellers, oil tycoons, and reconstruction companies benefit from war and worse, are on U.S. policy boards that advise the President. Vice President Cheney's Halliburton are given 5 year no-bid contracts and profit from war. Halliburton sets up offshore and United Kingdom subsidiaries to sidestep U.S. laws against doing business with Iran and Syria. President Bush's father sells weapons to England and the U.S. for the Carlysle Group that the Bin Ladin's invested in.

See The Nation, War Profiteering
War profiteering affects the U.S. economy
Rebuilding Iraq - The Contractors

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What we know we don't know. Secrets in the GW Bush Administration.
last updated 2004-09-19 by

Information is being withheld from Congress and the public people by the GW Bush administration. The GW Bush administration delayed the formation of a 9/11 Commission for two years, then stonewalled it, then blacked out 28 pages having to do with Saudi Arabia where most of the terrorists came from, and then then, after insisting the commission dismantle before finishing its work, decided to delay its report until after the November 2004 election.

See Do Homeland Security WhistleBlowers Face Jailtime
Project on Government Oversight - Defense spending
Freedom of Information Act resources

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The biggest threat to democracy is proprietary (secretly programmed) computer voting machines!
last updated 2004-09-12 by

New York Times "Making Votes Count" Section describes some of the dangers of flawed computerized voting machines. Democracy is at Risk. Fair elections are endangered by electronic voting machines. Democracy's future is at risk. One electronic voting machine company hacker could potentially rig elections in over 30 states! Fixing Democracy.

See Will Bush Backers Manipulate Votes.. ?
Lots of links on Electronic Voting - You may have to register first
Nov. 2003 Congressional Report on Electronic Voting

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Global Warming Threatens Plant Species and the Human Ecosystem
last updated 2004-09-02 by

The earth is warming due to human activities. Warming surface waters will also fuel dramatically more powerful hurricanes, cyclones, and windstorms. The United States adds more to global warming problem than any other country, yet GW Bush has withdrawn from the Kyoto Treaty and international efforts to address the problem.

See Glaciers and Sea Ice Endangered by Rising Temperatures
Alaska's North Slope opens to oil and gas development
Global Warming - East Coast Chilling

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Water Crises Threaten Civilization's sustainability
last updated 2004-09-02 by

Indian farmers are taking 200 cubic kilometers of water out of the earth per year, with only a fraction of that replaced by the monsoon rains.

See Asian Farmers Sucking Continent

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Plastics are Filling up Oceans & Landfills
last updated 2004-08-01 by

Plastic is not biodegradable. Plastics takes water out of our environment and trap it in plastic. The only way to release the water is by burning the plastic, causing harmful gases to be released. Plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces and is floating suspended in our oceans now.

See Pew Oceans Commission
Ocean Policy

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GW Bush Administration Insiders Quit and Tell the truth about what has been going on inside this administration.
last updated 2004-06-22 by

The Bush administration punishes or fires those within the administration who tell the truth, even risking US security to do so. A long list of officials have come forward to speak out about Bush administration policies.

See Abu Graib Whistle Blower Under Attack
White House Exposes Ambassor Wilson's Wife, CIA Agent
Paul O'Neill & Larry Lindsey Asked to Resign

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Mad Cow Disease, aka Alzheimers
last updated 2004-06-16 by

Mad Cow Disease, sometimes called spongiform encephalopathies, Alzheimers, or Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease (nvCJD)is increasing, yet US regulations do not provide the necessary precautions to keep it in check. 65 countries shut their borders to American beef shipments, and most remain closed. But domestic demand, accounting for 90 percent of all U.S. beef production, is strong.

See The Mad

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The Medicare Prescription Drug Bill - A study in how government should not work.
last updated 2004-06-16 by

A series of reports by Common Cause document efforts to bypass or undermine the rules and laws that are in place to ensure that our government work in an open accountable manner and that all voices are heard on critical public policy matters.

See Democracy on Drugs

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Voting Machines scare anybody with a brain.
last updated 2004-06-12 by

A fun irreverent look at the issue of electronic voting. By pure fortunate accident, one of the electronic voting machine companies left their source code on an unprotected FTP site and Bev Harris and some New Zealanders downloaded and studied it. Diebold, a major player in state voting systems, still has machines that are wide open to election tampering, but it may be just the tip of the iceberg of possible ways to tamper with elections using electronic voting machines.

See Boy am I ever pissed blog
States scrutinize e-voting - (has great links for election officials)

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U.S. Legal System Problems
last updated 2004-05-31 by

The United States leads the per capita rate of persons in prison. 25% of prisoners in the world are in the U.S. Justice in the U.S. is often not just. 1 in every 75 US men are in prison as of June 2004, the highest rate in the world.

See Amnesty International
America's Abu Ghraibs - NY Times

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U.S. Campaign System hurts the Economy
last updated 2004-05-31 by

Billionaires for Bush humorously details how the current campaign system works. See Campaign Money Watch for news of legislation written by big money lobbyists.

Read about the Bush Pioneer & Ranger Donors' paybacks from the Bush administration. A dozen big oil companies, including one once headed by Commerce Secretary Don Evans, now control one-quarter of all federal lands leased for oil and gas development in the continental United States despite a law intended to prevent such concentration.

The current U.S. campaign system is harmful to the U.S. economy, creates media bias, harms the environment, and corrupts government.

See Tracking the Payback
Open Secrets - State Data
Federal Elections Commission

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Problems with Electronic Voting
last updated 2004-05-30 by

Why I remain in favor of older manual voting and vote-counting procedures.

See Risks to Public Computers
Pentagon Calls off Voting by Internet
Vanity Fair article on E-Voting - very interesting

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The Israeli - Palestine Conflict
last updated 2004-05-27 by

Israel continues to bulldoze the homes of innocent people. One of the major roadblocks to the Road Map is the question of Palestinian refugee resettlement. The U.S. taxpayers give huge amounts of loans and grants to Israel that go to military equipment.

Palestinian homes are being demolished by Israel. The Israel Committee Against House Demolitions has formed to try to stop it. An Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Holocaust survivor said Sharone's Gaza offensive reminds him of the Holocaust.

See If Americans Knew
Israel Can Halt This Now
Israeli Committee against Home Demolitions

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Privatization of Public Lands
last updated 2004-05-22 by

The Bush Administration lifted restrictions and has encouraged privatization of public lands. The system through which we give away land to these multinational corporations amounts to a large public subsidy. Foreign owned corporations seem to be reaping the rewards -- in direct contridiction to the intent of 130 year old mining law being exploited for this purpose. About 20 percent of the mineral wealth of the Western United States is now controlled by foreign corporations.

See Bush Administration Privatizes Public Lands
This Land was Our Land

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Economic Prosperity depends on Environmental Conservation
last updated 2004-05-20 by

Civilization will collapse if the Bush race to deplete oil resources continues. Oil is needed to develop alternative energy sources. A gusher of government giveaways to the oil industry mean that alternative energy cannot complete on a level playing field to gain a foothold. This administration's economic and environmental policies spell disaster for our economy and modern civilization.

See Global Sources of Oil
Easter Island inhabitants used up their trees.
White House study: benefits of environmental regulation far outweigh costs

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Human Nature & Truth
last updated 2004-05-11 by

People can be deceived by false statements, and misled by fear. The GW Bush administration has been deceiving Americans.

See Truth is Better - NOT TRUTH pages
What Makes a Political Conservative

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U.S. News Media Bias
last updated 2004-05-06 by

U.S. TV news media are the biggest benefactor of the current campaign system because candidates must buy TV ads to win elections. Therefore TV media in turn gives favorable coverage and makes large donations to the campaigns of politicians who vote against campaign finance reform, and FCC government policies have given a few large media corporations control over American media law. American news coverage is biased. and censored

See Fair.Org Power Sources Report
Anti-terrorism Questions that Weren't Asked
A Global Network for Democratic Media

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Record Government Deficits Endanger U.S. Economy
last updated 2004-01-28 by

US Federal government deficits endanger our long-term economy and the worth of the US dollar.

See Congressional Budget Office Projects Record Deficits
Misperceptions Abound - Government Economic Policies
Republicans Warn Bush on Spending, Deficits

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The PATRIOT act and actions of the GW Bush administration Violate the US Constitution
last updated 2004-01-28 by

GW Bush administration has thrown persons in jail without right to trial or legal counsel, and without charging them or allowing them to contact their families. Provisions of the PATRIOT act, and some actions of the Bush administration violate US Constitutional law.

See Federal Judge rules Part of the PATRIOT act unconstitutional

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Geological Threats
last updated 2004-01-28 by

Caldera volcanoes, asteroid hits, and large tidal waves are what the U.S. government should focus on preventing.

See England Prepares for large tidal waves
NASA's web site discusses asteroids
U.S. Geological Society - Yellowstone

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