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President George W Bush follows the rule of law.
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Attacking Iraq under U.N. Resolution 1441 without the consent of the U.N. Security Council, as the United States did, was a breach of international law. Using cluster bombs in civilian areas during the war, as the United States did, was a violation of several international agreements, and unexploded remnants from those bombs are still killing Iraqi children who see them as toys. Failure to stop a host of crimes committed by Iraqis as the war wound down, as the United States failed to do, violated several international treaties and agreements.

When George Bush was governor of Texas, Mr. Faulder was on death row 15 years before the Canadian Government was informed he was even in jail, a breach of the Vienna convention under international law. As for a fair trial, if you call the prosecution actually paying the witnesses housands of dollars to testify against Mr.Faulder a fair trial . . .Well that's Texas law. The execution date of Mr. Faulder was scheduled for December 10, 1998 the 50th anniversary of the Worldwide Declaration Of Human Rights.

Bush withdrew the US from the ABM treaty.

Bush has implemented new nuclear weapons technology, breaking the no nuclear test ban treaty.

Bush ended US participation in the world court because he planned to and did break International laws.

Bush dropped US participation in the Kyoto treaty.

Bush withdrew the US from landmind prevention efforts.

The Bush administration illegally removed the elected President from Haiti.

Bush has broken international laws by choosing not to follow Geneva conventions, arresting thousands without charging them or releasing them in the United States, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

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