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The US Military Supports GW Bush
by Last updated 2004-10-16

Many retired military officers are speaking out against Bush policies. "I believe we are absolutely on the brink of failure. We are looking into the abyss," General Joseph Hoar, a former commander in chief of US central command, told the Senate foreign relations committee.

Retired Marine General William A. Whitlow calls for resignations of Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Deputy of Defense.

Anthony Cordesman, a military scholar at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, said the most serious problem in US government was "the fact that a small group of neo-conservative ideologues were able to substitute their illusions for an effective planning effort by professionals". from The Guardian U.K. Thursday 20 May 2004

Meanwhile, the head of US central command, John Abizaid, warned that the period after the handover could be even more violent than the present, perhaps requiring the deployment of more US troops. from The Guardian U.K. Thursday 20 May 2004

Career military men, recruiters and trainers, are quitting the military and speaking out.

General Wesley Clark speaks out
Top-level Retired Generals and Military Commanders form anti-Bush administration group

Miltary families are turning away from GW Bush

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Soldiers for Truth

See Retired US Military Speak out
Top Military Commanders form anti-Bush Group
Strategy pushing US into 'abyss'
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