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GW Bush says "The terrorists hate our freedom and our way of life."
2004-07-24 by

According to recent zogby polls of people in Arab countries, Arabs like American products, American values, American freedom, and American scientific achievement, but hate America's foreign policies that have supported Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands and mistreatment of Palestinians since 1967 and also believe America wants to take over Arab oil resources, and they do not like America's propping up a repressive government in Saudi Arabia.

Every time American foreign policies cause the deaths of more innocent Arab lives, as in GW Bush administration's Iraq war and because of American support of Israel's military occupation of Palestinian territories, more Arab "terrorists" are created. To Arabs, these are "freedom fighters" and Americans are "terrorists who kill innocent civilians" where to us they are "terrorists" and we are "freedom fighters".

Only a delusional person claims to read minds of people whom he has never spoken to. If America would direct all its efforts at catching the thousand or so terrorist criminals, instead of waging wars that kill innocent people, terrorism would become a much rarer crime.

Would we Americans have wanted the French to liberate us from England by invading and occupying America and killing tens of thousands of Americans and bombing thousands of our buildings and infrastructure? If America had been occupied by a foreign power for almost 40 years and were given no rights or economic opportunity by our occupiers, and we had no army what would we do? Try to put yourself in the same position as the Palestinians or the Iraqis or the Saudis and ask yourself some honest questions.

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