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GW says that he supports U.S. Military troops.
by Last updated 2004-09-19

  • he cut their combat pay by one-third
  • members of the Guard and Reserve units that are in Iraq are finding out that the separation pay which they have received for their families is also being reduced
  • within 2 weeks of his taking office in 2001, GW put a spending freeze for the entire year of 2001 on all military spending increases that the Republican-led Congress had carefully decided on after many hearings.
  • GW held big ceremonies to implement the pay raise that President Clinton had signed into law, as though he had been responsible for it.
  • GW's budget lowers benefits for veterans and cuts veterans benefits cuts basic military programs, while spending huge amounts on a "hit a flying bullet with a flying bullet" anti-missile program, and wars. Republicans voted against an amendment to raise veterans benefits
  • Republicans removed the child tax credit for low-income active duty military families who earn between approximately $10,000 and $20,000 per year
  • Bush is refusing to allow the UN to take over peace-keeping in Iraq, making US military a target there. Bush is refusing to take the advice of his military advisors that more troops are needed in Iraq.
  • Bush put US troops into Iraq based on lies, when heat and sandstorms were at their height, endangering US troops unnecessarily.
  • Bush himself went AWOL and during his own military "service".
  • Iraq War Creates New Generation of Wounded Vets
  • The Bush administration is not listening to experienced Generals'advice about Iraq.
  • Bush does not support US troops in Iraq with basic equipment it needs, according to Navy Lt. John Oliveira.

  • Bush and Rumsfeld ignored facts, wanted to hear only rosy pictures rather than the truth about Iraq from their staff, and by ignoring existing and imminent problems, including abuse of Iraqi prisoners,, endanger our troops more every day.
  • This Guard unit was put on an accelerated training schedule -- giving the soldiers about 36 hours of leave over the past two months -- because the Army needs to get fresh troops to Iraq, and there are not enough active-duty or "regular" troops to go around.

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