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GW says he wants freedom, democracy, and human rights for everyone.
by Last updated 2004-06-16

  • GW closed the White House Office on Women's Issues and had fact sheets about equal pay for women erased from government websites.
  • Consider the role - no, the criminal complicity - of President Bush in the torturing of prisoners. For a Harvard MBA who usually delegates details, he played a remarkably hands-on role pushing his torture package through Washington's bureaucratic maze. Not only did he know what his underlings planned to do, he told them to do it. His fingerprints show up all over the smoking documents. When after 9/11 the CIA and Special Forces began quietly "lifting" suspected al-Qaeda operatives and "disappearing" them into secret torture centers around the world, the American spooks acted on direct orders from their commander-in-chief. When Justice Department lawyers rationalized the president's right to order abuse of enemy non-combatants, they sent their reading of the law to White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales, the President's consigliore. Gonzales coordinated the CYA, argued back and forth, especially with Secretary of State Colin Powell, and summed up the case for Mr. Bush, who gave it his go-ahead. Everyone in the loop knew that POTUS, the President of the United States, wanted harsh interrogations. Publicly, Mr. Bush took the lead in arguing that he would not grant POW status to suspected Taliban and al-Qaeda captives, either in Afghanistan or at Guantanamo Bay, leaving them subject to what insiders called "torture lite." America would follow "the spirit" of the Geneva Conventions, the president promised, adding hypocrisy to the crimes that followed. Bush also took the lead in walking away from the International Criminal Court, which - he argued - would charge American soldiers and political leaders with war crimes, not to do justice, but to satisfy political motivations. Now the world knows what that was all about.
  • Methods now used at Guantanamo include limiting prisoners' food, denying them clothing, subjecting them to body-cavity searches, depriving them of sleep for as much as 96 hours and shackling them in so-called stress positions, a military-intelligence official said. Although the interrogators consider the methods to be humiliating and unpleasant, they don't view them as torture, the official said.

    The working-group report elaborated the Bush administration's view that the president has virtually unlimited power to wage war as he sees fit, and neither Congress, the courts nor international law can interfere. It concluded that neither the president nor anyone following his instructions was bound by the federal Torture Statute

  • The military report of Iraqis being tortured at the Abu Ghraib Confinement Facility was classified to keep it secret
  • Personal account of US Military tortore and abuse of innocent persons in Afghanistan.
  • Amnesty International detailed the human rights situation in 157 nations and territories, reserved the most column inches for the United States.
  • Without going to any court, the FBI now merely has to certify that the information is "relevant" to a national security investigation to investigate banking, Internet or other business records. See Too Much Power
  • in 2002, Washington gave millions in economic aid to non-democratic governments that use torture and violate human rights.
  • his Justice dept and the PATRIOT Act allow secret investigations of, and the collection of large databases about Americans within the U.S., and also allow the President to lock up anyone for as long as he likes, with no due process rights, by labeling the person a terrorist.
  • His Justice department has jailed 1100 persons in violation of constitutional due process and without legal representation in some cases. It has blacklisted people around the world without due process.
  • He has detained prisoners of war in Cuba without following the international Geneva conventions.
  • he became President because his brother removed over 50,000 thousand legal voters from the Florida voting rolls.
  • he is giving federal money to churches, defying Constitutional separation of church and state.
  • he is against the legal right of women to have abortions.
  • For historical information about the Bush family's associations with Hitler read the Hitler Project.

  • See ACLU report - Freedom Under Fire, Dissent in Post-9/11 America
    U.S. Hawk Admits Invasion Was Illegal
    US Turns over Candian Citizen to Syrians
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