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GW says his budget will help create jobs.
by Last updated 2003-12-24

Yet, a joint statement of the Committee for Economic development and the Concord Coalition, a group of over 400 economists and Nobel prize laureates says that a fiscal crisis threatens our future standard of living due to permanent deficits that will be created due to GW Bush's budget. Read the joint statement

Well over 2 million jobs have been lost since GW took office, and GW signed a bill increasing the federal debt limit by nearly a trillion dollars.

The Bush budget should be called "Windfall for the Wealthy" act. The tax cut could save Dick Cheney $100,000 a year. Those at the top of the economic pyramid will have more money to contribute to the candidates of their choice, who in turn will help them to get a larger share of the economic pie. The rest of us will get a smaller share of the pie. Here is a detailed debunking of the gimmicks of the Bush tax cut.

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See Concord Coalition for Economic Development
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