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GW says that his tax cuts help the middle class and that "Ninety-two million Americans will keep an average $1,083" tax cut
by Last updated 2004-05-20

yet according to the Citizens for Tax Justice the Bush 2003 Tax Cut boils down to this:
Average Savings Savings for top 1% 48% get Less than $100 31% get nothing
$ 289 $ 30,127 64 million 42 Million
Bush himself will pocket $44,500 in tax savings and guess what Cheney keeps: as much as $327,000. Compare this to the average income of $22,900 for the “bottom” 60%. Bush meant mean not median. Hint: if Mr. Microsoft walks into the Springtown Green Grocer, the “average” income is a billion plus.


Here is a comprehensive assessment of the Bush Administration's record on cutting taxes shows that two-thirds of the Bush tax cuts this year are going to the top fifth of the population, while at the same time, many states have been forced to raise taxes and fees that disproportionately hit the middle class.

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