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GW Bush says that he is bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq
by Last updated 2004-09-19


  • The Bush administration appointed Iyad Allawi to head Iraq, whose reputation among Iraqis for working first with Saddam's intelligence agents and then with MI6 and the CIA may make it impossible for them to accept him as leader of an independent Iraq.
  • Over seventy per cent of the Iraqi people see the United States today as occupiers, not as liberators.
  • Torturing of prisoners by the US military was covered up for months after it was reported, rather than being stopped.
  • Women in Iraq are rapidly losing their freedoms since the U.S. invastion.
  • U.S. soldiers are confiscating all guns of all Iraqi citizens. This would directly violate the U.S. Constitution.
  • Just as in Afghanistan, President GW Bush is not permitting U.N. peacekeeping troops that have experience in such police work, to operate within Iraq. Why not? It certainly is not in the best interests of the Iraqis to keep out the U.N. peacekeepers.
  • A recent Boston Globe article discusses U.S. military management of Iraq.
  • GW said "Let me speak to the Iraqi people" in one of his speeches. What did he tell them? " Don't destroy oil wells."
  • American use of depleted uranian bombs continues to cause cancer and birth defects for generations after we bomb a country.
  • US Troops moved into the palaces of Sadam Hussein and refused to allow Iraqis who begged to be allowed to create their own interim government because they better understood the intricacies of Iraqi politics, to do so.
  • Bush ordered the military to protect the oil ministry offices, but refused Iraqi requests to protect its hospitals and museums.
  • The Bush administration imprisoned many civilian Iraqis without due process, 90% of whom were innocent of any crimes, and then OK'd violation of the Geneva conventions in their treatment which resulted in death, rape, and torture of prisoners.
  • Tony Blair was warned that chaos was likely in Iraq after an invasion.
  • According to Israel the US has lost the Iraqi war on its political front.

  • See Women in Iraq are losing their freedoms.
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