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GW Bush is strong on fighting terrorism
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  • Attorney General John Ashcroft ignored terrorism prior to 9/11 and has not successfully prosecuted terrorists post 9/11 due to prosecutorial abuses.
  • The Bush administration chose Chalibi to control Iraq, yet Chalibi had been convicted of 32 counts of bank fraud in Jordan and sentenced in absentia to 22 years in prison, had not set foot in Iraq since he was a teenager, and had no power base and no credibility in the Middle East. The CIA has solid evidence that Chalibi is an agent of the Iranian government, that he used his position with the Bush administration to push false data upon the gullible hawks in Washington and further gave information to Iran.
  • Former White House insider Richard Clarke talks about the GW Bush administrations lack of action against al-Qaida before and after the September 11 attack.
  • The Bush administration has failed to investigate the grave national security breach disclosure of the identity of an undercover CIA officer by the Bush administration.
  • even Republican members of Congress say GW is blocking and thwarting the 9/11 report, including chapters dealing with the details of daily intelligence briefings given to Bush in the summer of 2001 and evidence pointing to Saudi government ties to Al Qaeda. Other 9/11 coverup links.
  • GW halted talks with North Korea and gave North Korea incentives to develop obtain nuclear weapons
  • GW halted all U.S. Middle East peace efforts for two years, and only restored U.S. efforts on the insistence of Prime Minister of England, Tony Blair as a condition of England's help in the Iraq war.
  • GW has taken an unprecedented departure from International alliances tht are needed to fight International crime such as terrorism.
  • GW is losing the peace in Iraq and most of Afghanistan because of his refusal to work with UN, NATO or allied peace-keeping troops.
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  • His budget starves funding for homeland security.
  • His new homeland security department is an unnecessary expensive reshuffling or government that creates a huge very powerful extra layer of government that is unlikely to be successful in fighting terrorism.
  • GW arranged for the Bin Laden family of Saudi Arabia to fly out of the U.S. just 3 days after 9/11 without allowing the CIA to interview them first, although no U.S. planes were being allowed to fly in U.S. air space yet.
  • Bush refused the Talliban's offer to turn over Bin Ladin to an International Court having at least one Muslim judge, but Bush chose to invade Afghanistan, killing over 4,000 innocent civilians instead. Bush sent the Pakistanis, known terrorist collaborators, to hunt for Bin Ladin in Afghanistan and did not send US Special Forces after Bin Ladin until a year after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan. The Bush administration twice discontinued the hunt for Osama Bin Laden: Once prior to 9/11 after taking office, and then a second time when Special Forces were getting close to Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, Bush called them off to go to Iraq and hunt for Sadam Hussein instead.
  • The Clinton administration had thrawted more than one large terrorist plots by Al Qaeda during its administration, and was actively persuing Al Qaeda and Bin Ladin. If the GW Bush administration had continued the Clinton policies of trying to kill Bin Laden and destroy Al Qaeda, 9/11 may have been averted.

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