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GW Bush says that he follows Christian Principles
by Last updated 2004-06-03

Bush is against stem cell research because he says he is concerned for human life at conception. Although there are already thousands of existing frozen fetuses that will probably never grow into a human being and have no feeling, Bush does not want them to be used to save millions of human lives in America because he is concerned about them. Meanwhile, Bush began a war in Afghanistan that killed about five thousand innocent babies, small children, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers even though the Talliban had offered to give Osama Bin Ladin to an International court as long as there was at least one Muslim judge on the court. Then Bush began a war in Iraq even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and the weapons inspectors were in Iraq and dismantling missiles that violated by a little, the range restrictions. Over ten thousand innocent babies, children, mothers and fathers, and grandparents have been killed and many more have been maimed and sickened.

Bush says that he cares about human life yet he refused Iraqi requests to protect the hospitals after the US invasion, although he did order the military to protect the oil ministry office buildings.

Bush says he is against weapons of mass destruction, yet he dropped depleted uranium radioactive bombs and dropped food in containers that looked like unexploded cluster bombs causing many more deaths, sickness, and birth defects in Iraq for generations. Bush also is developing mini-nuclear weapons in the United States. Bush invaded Iraq which he knew had no nuclear weapons, yet he did nothing to stop North Korea from developing and sellig nuclear weapons and he cut funding for the anti-proliferation program to stop nuclear materials from gettning into the hands of terrorists. Read the book "The President of Good and Evil" for a complete analysis of how Bush does and does not live up to the Christian principles he espouses.

The Liberals Like Christ site has wonderful religious music and cites the Bible and will give anyone insight into what Christ would have thought of the policies of President GW Bush.

It says in this court document on the Office of the County Clerk, Fort Bend County Texas site that Dubya has been accused legally of having sex with a minor, and then using his powers as President to harass her into committing suicide.

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