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GW says that he wants to conserve the environment and develop alternative energy.
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  • Under Bush moves are being made to exempt the military from federal environmental laws including the Marine Mammal Protection Act, the Endangered Species Act, and the Clean Air Act, as well as rules governing solid and hazardous wastes.
  • his administration has consistently ignored and undermined environmental laws by promoting new legislation misleadingly called "Clear Skies", "Healthy Forests", and "Energy Security".
  • The Bush administration has revised laws to help the coal industry destroy West Virginian mountains.
  • his budget proposals cut research funding for alternative energy
  • he dropped out of international conservation efforts like Kyoto
  • he promotes drilling the Artic Wildlife refuge to provide 6 months worth of oil after a ten year development period
  • he refused to require automakers to use existing technology to save more oil than exists in the Artic wildlife refuge
  • he offers no renewable energy resources or standards
  • he changes regs to allow diesel to be injected into ground
  • he subsidizes dirty finite energy sources like oil, coal, and gas
  • he removes environmental controls that govern big utilities such as the utility companies that manipulated the California market to raise prices.
  • he is lifting prohibitions of reprocessing of commercial nuclear fuel that has caused environmental catastrophes at military sites, and greatly increases the risks of plutonium falling into terrorist hands.
  • he has cut funding for National Park maintenance
  • The Bush administration ordered the EPA to assure New Yorkers that the air was safe even though the EPA knew that this was likely not the case.
  • Check out these facts at Environment At Risk (Click on the images at the top.)
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