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President GW Bush says that he is tough on corporate crime


  • he asked for special exceptions from Congress to allow the dept of homeland security to contract with offshore corporations that don't pay US taxes.
  • he is keeping secret records of meetings between Cheney and Enron prior to the California energy shortage that was deliberately created by taking too many power plants off-line for maintenance in order to raise prices.
  • his proposed environmental laws relax restrictions for corporations to release toxins into our air and water
  • he asked for special exceptions from Congress to exempt drug companies manufacturing vaccines containing toxic mercury as a preservative from law suits. Parents of children with autism were left without recourse.
  • GW Bush reduced funding allocated by Congress for corporate cleanup

    Read about how GW Bush tried to save Enron by a former Justice Dept. prosecutor and history book author.
    See The Daily Enron
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    See Former Justice Dept Prosecutor speaks
    The Daily Enron
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