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GW said that terrorists "hate freedom and the American way of life"
by Last updated 2004-07-23

It is considered delusional when a person claims to read the minds or intentions of others without asking them what they think. GW Bush has not divulged any evidence to demonstrate the motivations he claims for terrorists. Terrorists have, through Arab news channels, said that they are fighting for freedom and rights of repressed peoples, albeit in a criminal immoral way. To learn what terrorist motivations are, we need to listen to terrorists. GW Bush asked U.S. news media not to report the text of anything said by terrorists.

The 9/11/01 terrorists motivations were apparently related to

  • United States aid to Israel that aided Israel's occupation and military action in Israel's occupied territories where human rights are violated.
  • U.S. military presence in Saudi Arabia that prevents Saudis from being able to improve the repressive government there.
  • A recent poll of the peoples of Arab nations revealed that Arabs like freedom and American technology and products, but do not like United States foreign policies that contribute to the injury of so many Arabs, and believe that the United States is only interested in their oil resources.

    See U.S. aid to Israel
    Amnesty International - Human rights violations

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