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War is good for the economy.
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War has been consistently bad for the U.S. economy since the WWII reconstruction period. There were big differences between WWII and now.

  • WWII war created full employment.
  • The ratio of the U.S. population to its natural resource base is larger today.
  • The top tax rate in WWII was 85%, much higher than today.
  • There was sacrifice and rationing of gas, rubber, shoes, and many other things during WWII.
  • War today is ruinous to the U.S. economy and its ecological base of oil. War is extremely costly in dollars and oil resources, runs up the federal debt beyond any hope of repaying it, given current population demographics. War causes interest rates to rise, the stock market to fall, capital to be unavailable for social services and other government functions such as U.S. Security needs.

    Oil from Iraq is not even capable of paying for Iraqi construction. The U.S. taxpayers are shouldering a staggering $4 billion per month cost for the Iraqi war.

    See War, Tax Cuts, and the Deficit
    Cost of the War in Iraq
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