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Fair Electronic Voting - Technical Discussion of Electronic Voting.
last updated 2005-09-05 by

A summary of technical considerations of electronic voting. Why is it so difficult to ensure that electronic votes are counted fairly and accurately? The article is compiled from email conversations with over a dozen computer experts.

See Problems with Electronic Voting
FEC Voting System Standards Discussion
How to Ensure Accuracy of Elections

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The Citizens' Revolution Is HERE!
last updated 2005-09-05 by

With a website now up and running, a strong movement has begun to make permanant changes to the voting system of the United States and end corruption that plagued the 2004 election.

See The Citizens' Revolution
The Citizens' Revolution

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Prelude To The Citizen's Revolution
last updated 2004-11-17 by

In legal theory, there is "tainted fruit" which prevents inadmissable evidence from being used. Applied to elections, any vote on a machine found to have a problem must cause ALL ballots on such machines to be considered void and a revote must take place. This is a call to action.

See Extended Views
Documents Voting Difficulties

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U.S. Elections and Voting
last updated 2004-11-01 by

Find out Where to Vote and When to Vote

To steer America back towards peace, democracy and well-being it is crucial to inform people door-to-door and register voters for the 2004 election. TrueMajority Online Voting Tools.

See The Swing State Project
Your Representatives Ranked on Conservation & Consumer Issues
State Voter Information

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Boycott Bush Supporters
last updated 2004-11-01 by

If we lose fair elections due to Republican-owned electronic voting machines with no paper record, economic boycott may be the only power we have to change things. Use Progressive Marketplace Directory.

See Open
StopBushin2004 - 10 Actions
Progressive Marketplace Index

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Legal limits on groups cooperating, and how to work effectively under the circumstances
last updated 2004-07-01 by

This page is intended to explain to volunteers in this busy election and advocacy season why some groups can or can't work together better. Details may not be current, and are certainly incomplete. If you want to incorporate under any part of the tax code, seek legal advice. Sources used are just that--sources. No support of a particular point of view is implied in referring to them.

See alliance for justice
open secrets (large PACs, 527's, etc.)

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Secure Open Electronic Voting Systems are Available!
last updated 2004-06-21 by

A group of computer scientists and engineers has been developing an electronic voting system that will be open source, more secure and reliable, less expensive, and provide a voter verified paper ballot (VVPB). AutoMarkô Voter Assist Terminal provides voters with disabilities the ability to mark an optical scan paper ballot.

See Open Voting Consortium
Open System E-Voting Process, Baltimore Sun
Sound Secure Electronic Voting System, CNN Money

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How will we get out of Iraq?
last updated 2004-06-16 by

America's Iraq policy requires a fundamental strategic reappraisal. The present policy - justified by falsehoods, pursued with unilateral arrogance, blinded by self-delusion, and stained by sadistic excesses - cannot be corrected with a few hasty palliatives. The remedy must be international in character; political, rather than military, in substance; and regional, rather than simply Iraqi, in scope.

See Face Reality by Zbigniew Brzezinski
General Wesley Clarke - How do we get out of Iraq?
Peter Galbraith - How to get out of Iraq.

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Voters Unite and Take Action
last updated 2004-05-31 by

Print the "Myth Breakers" report and give copies to your local County Election officials who will decide what voting machine you will use. Many local election officials don't have the information they need to make wise decisions about voting equipment. They hear many conflicting stories, and it's hard to tell facts from myth. Here's your opportunity to help.

See Voters Unite
S1980, HR2239 and other Bill Comparisons
Educate your State Election Officials - California Bans some E-voting systems

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A Better Campaign System
last updated 2004-05-20 by

A more useful, informative, less expensive campaign system will help reform government and our economy.

Find information on how much and what campaigns your neighbors donated at

See Democracy Matters - A Student Action Center
Public Campaign - Reform Politics
Our Democracy - Our Airwaves

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Wind Energy and other "Green" Energy is More Economical for Power Supply
last updated 2004-05-18 by

Wind Energy is faster to market, cheaper and better for local farmers, then oil development. Invest in Green Power.

See Wind Energy Solutions
Green Power

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Solving Problems with Jails & Military Manpower
last updated 2004-05-11 by

We could solve 2 problems at once by giving some types of convicts the opportunity to serve in the military rather than serve jail time.

See under construction

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Energy Solutions
last updated 2004-05-07 by

SAi, Inc. provides innovative, cost-effective, distributed power systems for high value applications at industrial and renewable resource sites and utility plants globally. The Apollo Alliance is working towards energy independence and good jobs. Utah Power's BlueSky program is expanding wind power.

See The Stirling Advantage
Apollo Alliance Ten Point Plan
Union of Concerned Scientists Renewable Energy Solutions

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Suggested Letter to Congress on Electronic Voting
last updated 2004-05-02 by

Congress must amend the Help America Vote Act months prior to 2004 elections if we want fair elections in 2004. Here is what you can tell them. Compare some of the e-voting bills proposed in Congress.

See How to Ensure Fair Electronic Voting
US Senators
US House Representatives

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Congressman Rush Holt and Senator Bob Graham Proposed Legislation to Prevent Electronic Voting Machine Election Fraud.
last updated 2004-03-04 by

It is urgent for legislation to pass Congress by May 2004 if we are to have any hope of fair elections in 2004. The best two amendments that have been proposed to the Help America Vote Act are HR2239 and S1980.

See Voter Confidence Act
Aussies Do It Right: E-Voting
The Electronic Voting Machine Project

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Positive News Stories from Around the World...
last updated 2004-03-04 by

A good idea - Spreading the good things that are happening on our planet.

See The Good News Network

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Support Our U.S. Troops
last updated 2003-12-24 by

Help Support Our Troops with equipment that they need that is not being supplied to them via the DOD. Volunteer supplies, trucking services, or your labor. Donate your frequent flier miles.

See AnySoldier.US
Donate Your Frequent Flier Miles to the Troops

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Docs Push for Universal Health Care
last updated 2003-08-13 by

Almost 9,000 U.S. doctors support a plan they say will provide universal health care and save money.

See Chicago Sun-Times - Aug 13, 2003

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Stop Corporate Crime
last updated 2003-08-13 by

Check out Citizenworks Stop Corporate Crime pages

See CitizenWorks - Stop Corporate Crime Page

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State Health Care Success Stories
last updated 2003-08-13 by

Arizona, Vermont and other states have implemented great health care plans.

See Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
Vermont Prescription Drug Legislation

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Stop War Profiteering
last updated 2003-08-13 by

Help Stop War Profiteering.

See CitizenWorks - Stop War Profiteering Action Page

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Environment and Economy
last updated 2003-08-13 by

Much can be done at every level of human functioning, from personal to International, to conserve our environment and our economy.

See Co-op America
Save the Rain Forest by Quitting Drugs

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Security with Democracy
last updated 2003-08-13 by

Security is more likely to be increased by increasing communication and democracy.

See Truth is Better Human Rights Web Sites List
A Better Concept for Security using existing forces

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Education System Improvement
last updated 2003-08-13 by

The U.S. education system is the best in the world in terms of college opportunities, yet could better impart foreign language, law, math, behavioral training, cultural, religious, and environmental knowledge.

See I will update this eventually

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Government Watch
last updated 2003-08-13 by

Here are some useful links to organizations that are keeping government accountable.

See Your Representatives' Ranked on Conservation & Consumer Issues

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