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GW Bush says that Kerry will raise taxes on small business.

2004-11-01 by

GW Bush says that Kerry's tax plan would keep small businesses from hiring new employees. Yet Kerry's plan taxes net profit after small businesses pay all their expenses, including payroll and employee expenses.

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See John Kerry's Economic Plans

The U.S. is more secure after the war against Iraq

2004-10-25 by

A Huge Cache of Explosives was never secured after the U.S. invaded Iraq and has disappeared into the hands of terrorists. President Bush pulled the Special Forces troops that were chasing Bin Ladin in Afghanistan, and moved them to Iraq, allowing Osama Bin Ladin to escape.

Former chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix says the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq has stimulated terrorism. The Iraqi war inspires new terrorist threats against the United States and its soldiers. The occupation of Iraq has become "a potent global recruitment pretext" for al-Qa'ida according to a pro-war institute.

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See The Nation - Eric Alterman article
Foreign Policy in Focus
Bitterness Grows Over Iraqi Civilian Deaths

The US Military Supports GW Bush

2004-10-16 by

Active duty military personel are barred by military law from speaking out against their commander-in-chief or commanding officers. However, many top level retired military officers are speaking out against GW Bush policies. Career military men, recruiters and trainers, are speaking out against the policies of the GW Bush administration. Operation Truth a site by and for Iraqi War Veterans.

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See Retired US Military Speak out
Top Military Commanders form anti-Bush Group
Strategy pushing US into 'abyss'

GW Bush said Sadam was a threat to the U.S. and had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

2004-09-19 by

The Bush administration created a special office to manipulate intelligence data on Iraq and WMDs. GW Bush knew that Iraq did not have nuclear capacity, long-range missiles, no air force or navy, and was in no way a significant threat to the U.S. See the Carnegie Endowment WMD in Iraq report. Claim vs. Fact - The President on Meet the Press

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See Historical list of George Bush statements on Iraq
The Bush Administration Public Statements on Iraq
Veterans for Peace - Iraq Section

GW Bush says that he has good moral character.

2004-09-19 by

Let's look at the actions of GW Bush. He went AWOL. GW Bush is with-holding information from the American people, including the parts of the 9/11 report that details how his close friends, the Saudis contributed to 9/11. He has lied to the American public so many times that it is difficult to count. Four generations of Bush families value war, wealth, and oil.

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See Bush went AWOL
The truth about Bush's Military Service Record
War Profiteering

GW Bush says that he is bringing freedom and democracy to Iraq

2004-09-19 by

Women in Iraq are losing their freedoms. American troops in Iraq are mimicking Israeli tactics in Palestine. The U.S. military, which is not trained for such purposes, is managing Iraq, and GW did not allow experienced U.N. peacekeeping troops to establish order immediately following the U.S. invasion, when it would have been possible for the UN to take over. US Troops were ordered to protect the office buildings of the oil ministries, but were not ordered to protect Iraqi hospitals or museums even when Iraqis begged for their protection.

Anyone who had studied Iraq history, knew that chaos was likely after an Iraq invasion.

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See Women in Iraq are losing their freedoms.
The Silent Genocide in Afghanistan
The Perpetual Death from America

GW says that he supports U.S. Military troops.

2004-09-19 by

GW has cut funding for military programs, military health care, and veterans benefits, slashing the Department of Veteran Affairs budget when thousands of military are being injured, while giving the military more work. In March 2003, Bush issued a directive which prohibits news coverage that would honor returning dead and injured soldiers from Iraq or Afghanistan.

Bush does not support US troops in Iraq with basic equipment it needs, according to Navy Lt. John Oliveira. May 28, 2004 it was announced that there is an ammunition shortage. Rumsfeld lied to the press, saying that the military leaders had not requested more troops in Iraq. Bush refused to allow the UN peacekeeping troops who are trained in peacekeeping strategies to enter Iraq after the invasion when it would have been possible to keep the peace, causing hundreds of US soldiers to die and be maimed. Since then war has broken out in Iraq and it is no longer possible for UN peacekeeping troops to take over.

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See Vets for Justice
Occupation Watch
We Don't Feel Like Heros Anymore

Donald Rumsfeld said that he did not know about torture and mistreatment of Iraqi Prisoners until the Press broke it.

2004-08-30 by

Donald Rumsfeld was repeatedly told by Paul Bremer and Major Generals beginning in Fall 2003 that there was mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners, plus his office received letters from concerned families of prison guards. Donald Rumsfeld must go.

Army Sargeants allege abuse coverup and that General Sanchez witnessed the torture. Rather than focus on preventing prisoner abuse, Donald Rumsfeld banned cell phones having cameras from prisons.

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See GW Bush says he wants freedom and human rights for everyone.
Red Cross Report on Iraqi Prisoner Treatment
General Karpinski says there was a Conspiracy at the Senior Level

GW says that he wants to conserve the environment and develop alternative energy.

2004-08-29 by

Bush ordered agencies to put use before protection.The Bush administration policies are misleadingly named "Clear Skies", "Clean Water", "Healthy Forests", or "Energy Security". His actual policies will be very damaging to the ecology that our economy depends on. Republicans are an endangered species.

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See Protect Environment Laws
Right words, wrong policies
Crimes Against Nature

Civilian casualties and injuries are minimal during U.S. military actions.

2004-08-29 by

Many more innocent persons have been killed by U.S. actions than by terrorism. More civilians have been killed after the Iraq war than during it. The genocide in Afghanistan continues.

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See Iraqi Body Count
CNN's American Soldiers killed
Iraqi Victims Fund

GW's tax plan is good for the economy.

2004-08-29 by

Economists say that the GW tax plan with hurt the economy. The future budget outlook is gloomy.

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See Nobel Laureate economists disagree with GW Bush
GW Bush's tax plan hurts U.S. cities
Economic Charts - Are you Better Off since Bush took Office?

GW Bush is strong on fighting terrorism

2004-08-29 by

yet, The Bush administration has rejected military plans for attacking al-Qaida masterminds, costing hundreds of lives in Iraq, and has not funded first responders or port and border security critical to U.S. security. Prior to 9/11 the GW Bush administration, according to its own chieft anti-terrorism czar, did little to fight terrorists or Al Qaeda, ignored CIA briefings regarding Al Qaeda's plan to use planes as bombs, and ignored the Warren Rudman report on terrorism. Richard Clark, registered Republican who worked as terrorism expert under 3 Republican Presidents, says that the Bush administration after 9-11 allowed Bin Ladin to escape.

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See more democratic rights means more security
The 9/11 Attack Could have been prevented
What GW Bush did on the morning of 9/11

Republican-led Congress and GW Bush administration are strong on national security

2004-07-24 by

Republicans have minimized spending on port and border security, held up security legislation for political purposes, and cancelled federal funding for security of trains, electrical systems and dams. The White House publically exposed a CIA agent who was working to prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, endangering persons working for American security. Bush has failed to stop nuclear spread.

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See A Safer Internet with OpenBSD
Preventing Nuclear Terrorism
What GW Bush did on the morning of 9/11

GW Bush says "The terrorists hate our freedom and our way of life."

2004-07-24 by

Polls conducted of people in Arab nations, and other persons who talk with Arab peoples, have discovered that Arabs like American inventions, American technology, and American freedoms. What Arabs don't like is American policies that hurt and kill Arab peoples.

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See It's our Mideast Policy that is creating Enemies

GW said that terrorists "hate freedom and the American way of life"

2004-07-23 by

Lack of economic opportunity, freedom, human rights and participatory government seem to be the factors causing terrorism.

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See U.S. aid to Israel
Amnesty International - Human rights violations

U.S. news media has a liberal bias

2004-07-22 by

U.S. news media has financial incentives to favor Republicans, and it does.

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See News Media challenges
Fox News Cartoon

GW says he wants freedom, democracy, and human rights for everyone.

2004-06-16 by

GW's administration has violated democratic principles, human rights, the U.S. constitution, and International law to achieve its aims. The Bush administration has turned over innocent persons to Syrian torturers. Reports of torturing of Iraqi prisoners were given to the administration in January, 2004 by the Red Cross and others, and the military's mid-March report on the torturing in Abu Ghraib prison was classified to keep it secret .

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See ACLU report - Freedom Under Fire, Dissent in Post-9/11 America
U.S. Hawk Admits Invasion Was Illegal
US Turns over Candian Citizen to Syrians

President George W Bush follows the rule of law.

2004-06-15 by

Bush has broken military law, federal and international laws. January 2002 Mr. Rumsfeld publicly declared that hundreds of people detained by U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan "do not have any rights" under the International Geneva Conventions.

The Bush administration broke federal laws by using taxpayer dollars for propaganda and publicity purposes and spending in excess of appropriations when it used money from the Medicare fund to advertise its new Medicare law as a boon to the elderly.

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See Mr. Faulder's case
Bush went AWOL
Supreme Court Expands Review of 'Enemy Combatant' Cases

GW Bush says that he follows Christian Principles

2004-06-03 by

Bush says that he values human lives, but yet the Talliban offered to give up Osama Bin Ladin to an International court and Iraq had nothing to do with 911 and was not a threat to America, yet Bush began two wars that have killed about 15,000 innocent people so far.

Biblical study shows that far from being the kind of religious Conservative that George Bush professes to be, Jesus was a Liberal if ever there was one.

Did God tell them to steal the votes?
Does the Bush administration export abuse?

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See Liberals Like Christ
George W. Bush and the teachings of Jesus
Theonomic Reconstructionism - Stealing Elections

The 9/11 attack against the U.S. could not have been prevented or predicted

2004-05-30 by

The chairman of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks says it should have been prevented. The Bi-partison Hart-Rudman Report was given to the White House in Jan. 2001 and its members personally warned President Bush five days prior to 9/11. CIA reports warned in August of Al-Qaeda plans to hi-jack airplanes. An FBI translator, Siebel Edmond said that many FBI documents revealed as early as February 2001, that persons inside the US were plotting suicide bombing missions of major US cities, yet no actions were taken. The Ashcroft Justice department has retroactively classified as secret even her public testimony to prevent it from being known. One of the 9/11 widows is suing the Bush administration for deliberately allowing 9/11 to happen.

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See The Institute for Policy Research and Development
Road Map for National Security: Imperative for Change
Bush responsibility for 9/11 attacks

GW says that he cares about bringing democracy to Afghanistan

2004-05-25 by

GW Bush has refused to allow U.N. Peacekeeping troops into Afghanistan and his budget was missing aid for Afghanistan. The Afghans have been abandoned.

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See Democracy Now Afghanistan stories
Russia Weekly Report
Afghans have been abandoned

GW Bush says that he is against Weapons of Mass Destruction!

2004-05-24 by

GW Bush the younger and Congress repealed the 1993 Spratt-Furse ban on new "mini-nukes" and are working to create a whole new generation of what they're now calling "useable" nukes. According to a Utah newspaper Nevada nuclear tests might resume. The "bunker buster" is the first in a long line of projects that would start up production of nuclear weapons. The Nuclear Policy Institute is urging the clean up of depleted uranium bombs that the US dropped on Iraq.

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See Women's Action Network - Action Alert
Nuclear Policy Institute
Tradeoffs for US Nuclear Weapons

Bush said "I am a uniter, not a divider"

2004-05-22 by

Yet, he has squandered all the goodwill towards America that existed after 9/11, destroying numerous International alliances and treaties, and divided Americans.

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See Bush's Broken Promises
Jewish Bulletin re. Faith-based plans

GW says that his tax cuts help the middle class and that "Ninety-two million Americans will keep an average $1,083" tax cut

2004-05-20 by

The big benefactors of the tax cut are the wealthy, people like Bush and Cheney. The median tax savings will be less than $300.

The Center on Budget Policy Priorities wrote a comprehensive assessment of the Bush Administration's record on cutting taxes shows that two-thirds of the Bush tax cuts this year are going to the top fifth of the population, while at the same time, many states have been forced to raise taxes and fees that disproportionately hit the middle class

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See Read more about the GW budget
Citizens for Tax Justice
Left Behind in Good Times and Bad

Republican tax credits passed in May, 2003, will help all families with children

2004-05-11 by

The tax burden has been shifted from wealthy to low and middle income workers. Republican tax credits took care of the rich and left many poor families without a child tax credit.

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See Search the congressional record
Child Tax Credit - Issue in Depth

Terrorism can be reduced by a "war on Terrorism".

2004-05-11 by

Wars that inevitably kill innocent civilians increase hatred and resentment against the U.S. History shows that war increases terrorism. Israel in the Occupied Territoriesmentions some of the causes of terrorism that war inflames.

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See The Israel Example
Pro-Israel Money to U.S. Congress
Former Aid Takes Aim at War on Terror

Web sites listing GW Bush's false statements

2004-05-03 by

GW Bush makes so many untrue statements about his policies that many web sites document them. The latest ones are archives of conservative misinformation and John Kerry's DBunker where you can look them up by category or date.

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See Caught on Film - Created by the Democrats of the House Appropriations Committee
GW Bush's record
close to 200 lies told by GW Bush

GW says that he wants good health care for all Americans

2004-03-07 by

GW Bush's budget and health care plan would mean privitization of social security and Medicare and risk the demise of both. His EPA department plans to defer controls on mercury emissions by power plants that cause brain damage in infants, and may be related to the sharp increase in autism.

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See Continuation of SS and Medicare at risk
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - Health
Senate Prescription Drug Bill

GW Bush supports Fire Fighters and other First Responders.

2004-03-07 by

Harold Schaitberger, President of the International Firefighters Association said Mar 3, 2004, "The fact is Bush's actions have resulted in fire stations closing in communities around the country. Two-thirds of America's fire departments remain under-staffed because Bush is failing to enforce a new law that was passed with bipartisan support in Congress that would put more fire fighters in our communities. President Bush's budget proposes to cut Homeland Security Department funding for first responders by $700 million for next year and cuts funding for the FIRE Act, a grant program that helps fire departments fund equipment needs, 33 percent by $250 million. In addition, state and local programs for homeland security purposes were reduced $200 million."

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See President of the International Firefighter's Association Denounces GW Bush

War is good for the economy.

2004-02-08 by

War has been consistently bad for the economy since WWII. WWII was a very different situation than today. The Iraqi war is destroying the U.S. economy.

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See War, Tax Cuts, and the Deficit
Cost of the War in Iraq

GW Bush and the Republicans say they want "No Child Left Behind"

2004-01-28 by

yet, the "No Child Left Behind" act was not funded. The Head Start program is being dismantled by the Republican House. The Republicans removed the child tax credit for low income working families.

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See House Approves Change in Head Start
.. The New Tax Law Alters the Child Tax Credit ..

The Bush Administration says that we do not need more troops in Iraq

2004-01-11 by

U.S. Troops have been quitting the military at an increased rate since the start of the Iraq war. The troops in Iraq are stretched so thin that troops have been prohibited from leaving the military at the end of their terms.

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See Extended Iraq Duty for More Troops
Stretched U.S. Combat Pilots May Quit

Republicans favor balanced budgets

2004-01-09 by

The sun may never set on massive budget deficits due to the Republican budgets beginning in 2001. IMF (International Monetary Fund) Economists report that the US Deficits threaten the world economy.

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See The Atlantic Online
$300 Billion Deficits, As Far as the Eye Can See
Are you better off than you were when Bush took office?

GW says his budget will help create jobs.

2003-12-24 by

The Bush budget should be called the Windfall for the Wealthy act. Over 2 million jobs have been lost since GW took office and his budget will not stimulate job creation according to economists. Homelessness and Hunger have increased.

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See Concord Coalition for Economic Development
Economic Comparison - Bush vs. Clinton
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities - Unemployment

President Bush is a friend of working people

2003-12-12 by

President Bush has ended the forty hour work week by ending overtime pay for workers

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See Greg Palast, investigative reporter - The Grinch that Stole Labor Day
Job Losses Mount. LA Times Sep 5, 2003
GW Bush Changes Overtime Rules

US Agriculture Policy Helps Farmers

2003-11-30 by

In fact, US Agriculture Policy subsidizes large agribusiness and helps put independent farmers out of business.

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See Worst Agriculture Policy Money Can Buy

Republican political control is good for the stock market

2003-09-08 by

A federal reserve bank and a group of computer scientists studying the facts say just the opposite. Democratic political control is correlated with better stock market performance.

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See Federal Reserve Bank of San Franciso
Study using economists Susan Woodward and Robert Hall, Ibbotson Associates, and the Stock Trader's Almanac
Historical Economic Charts

The Bush Administration is not aware that its statements are false.

2003-09-07 by

Examine the history of Condoleeza Rice's statements that clearly show a pattern of deliberate lies told to the public by the GW Bush administration.

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See The Amazing Stories of Condoleeza Rice
Bush Lied and Our Children Died
This War on Terrorism is Bogus - Guardian, Sep 6, 2003

U.S. Troops are ordered to use minimal force

2003-07-31 by

Letter from former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark to President Bush regarding the new authorization for U.S. military personnel in Iraq to shoot looters.

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See US Troops turn botched Sadam raid into a Massacre

GW Bush said on July 15, 2003 about Sadam Hussein: "We gave him a chance to allow the inspectors in, and he wouldn't let them in."

2003-07-20 by

There were four full months (11-18-02 through 3-19-03) of inspections by UN experts led by Hans Blix (UNMOVIC) and Mohamed El Baradei (IAEA) prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

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See This site documents this lie, with verifying links.

Republican budget projections are truthful

2003-07-20 by

Republican budget projections include spending all the social security and Medicare surplus as it comes in, leave huge costs out of the picture, etc.

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See Institute for International Economics

Solving terrorism requires a reduction of civil rights

2003-07-20 by

Unless human and civil rights around the world improve, terrorism will continue.

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See More Effective Security - a word doc

It is unpatriotic not to support the U.S. President during a time of war.

2003-07-20 by

Standing by a president when right or wrong "is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

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See under construction

President GW Bush says that he is tough on corporate crime

2003-07-20 by

GW Bush asked for special exemptions so that offshore companies that avoid paying U.S. taxes can receive government contracts, and more...

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See Former Justice Dept Prosecutor speaks
The Daily Enron
Corporate connections

GW says he is increasing port and border security

2003-07-20 by

The GW Bush administration has not spent the money it was allocated for port and border security, and forced Congress to allocate less money than Congress originally planned to allocate before it would sign the appropriations bill.

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See Nation article - Alterman

Star Wars II Anti-Missile Defense System will Protect America

2003-07-20 by

The anti-missile program is impractical, illogical, expensive, and takes money from other more vital military functions.

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See Reuters article
Federation of American Scientists

Republican tax-cuts are good for business

2003-07-20 by

Tax-cut and spend policies of Republicans that create big deficits and increase the national debt as a percentage of GDP are bad for business.

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See Concord Coalition - federal budget policy group
Congressional Budget Office
Government Accounting Office

GW says he wants to curtail federal spending

2003-07-20 by

GW Bush spends huge amounts on war, oil, and a new expensive missile defence program.

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See GW Bush State of the Union Speech
GW spends on expensive Missile Defence program

The U.S. Administration and Congress are against use of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

2003-07-20 by

The U.S. Republican-controlled Congress passed a measure to allow development of new nuclear weapons. This is in addition to the depleted uranium bombs that the U.S. now uses that caused birth defects among Iraqi civilians after the first Gulf war.

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See NY Times - Bush administration revamps nuclear weapons

Republican federal budgets are fiscally conservative, favoring small government.

2003-07-20 by

With Republican Presidents, debt as a percentage of Gross Domestic Product increases.

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See Congressional Budget Office web site
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