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The U.S. is more secure after the war against Iraq

2004-10-25 by

A Huge Cache of Explosives was never secured after the U.S. invaded Iraq and has disappeared into the hands of terrorists. President Bush pulled the Special Forces troops that were chasing Bin Ladin in Afghanistan, and moved them to Iraq, allowing Osama Bin Ladin to escape.

Former chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix says the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq has stimulated terrorism. The Iraqi war inspires new terrorist threats against the United States and its soldiers. The occupation of Iraq has become "a potent global recruitment pretext" for al-Qa'ida according to a pro-war institute.

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GW Bush said Sadam was a threat to the U.S. and had Weapons of Mass Destruction.

2004-09-19 by

The Bush administration created a special office to manipulate intelligence data on Iraq and WMDs. GW Bush knew that Iraq did not have nuclear capacity, long-range missiles, no air force or navy, and was in no way a significant threat to the U.S. See the Carnegie Endowment WMD in Iraq report. Claim vs. Fact - The President on Meet the Press

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GW Bush is strong on fighting terrorism

2004-08-29 by

yet, The Bush administration has rejected military plans for attacking al-Qaida masterminds, costing hundreds of lives in Iraq, and has not funded first responders or port and border security critical to U.S. security. Prior to 9/11 the GW Bush administration, according to its own chieft anti-terrorism czar, did little to fight terrorists or Al Qaeda, ignored CIA briefings regarding Al Qaeda's plan to use planes as bombs, and ignored the Warren Rudman report on terrorism. Richard Clark, registered Republican who worked as terrorism expert under 3 Republican Presidents, says that the Bush administration after 9-11 allowed Bin Ladin to escape.

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Republican-led Congress and GW Bush administration are strong on national security

2004-07-24 by

Republicans have minimized spending on port and border security, held up security legislation for political purposes, and cancelled federal funding for security of trains, electrical systems and dams. The White House publically exposed a CIA agent who was working to prevent proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, endangering persons working for American security. Bush has failed to stop nuclear spread.

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GW Bush says "The terrorists hate our freedom and our way of life."

2004-07-24 by

Polls conducted of people in Arab nations, and other persons who talk with Arab peoples, have discovered that Arabs like American inventions, American technology, and American freedoms. What Arabs don't like is American policies that hurt and kill Arab peoples.

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GW said that terrorists "hate freedom and the American way of life"

2004-07-23 by

Lack of economic opportunity, freedom, human rights and participatory government seem to be the factors causing terrorism.

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The 9/11 attack against the U.S. could not have been prevented or predicted

2004-05-30 by

The chairman of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks says it should have been prevented. The Bi-partison Hart-Rudman Report was given to the White House in Jan. 2001 and its members personally warned President Bush five days prior to 9/11. CIA reports warned in August of Al-Qaeda plans to hi-jack airplanes. An FBI translator, Siebel Edmond said that many FBI documents revealed as early as February 2001, that persons inside the US were plotting suicide bombing missions of major US cities, yet no actions were taken. The Ashcroft Justice department has retroactively classified as secret even her public testimony to prevent it from being known. One of the 9/11 widows is suing the Bush administration for deliberately allowing 9/11 to happen.

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Bush said "I am a uniter, not a divider"

2004-05-22 by

Yet, he has squandered all the goodwill towards America that existed after 9/11, destroying numerous International alliances and treaties, and divided Americans.

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Terrorism can be reduced by a "war on Terrorism".

2004-05-11 by

Wars that inevitably kill innocent civilians increase hatred and resentment against the U.S. History shows that war increases terrorism. Israel in the Occupied Territoriesmentions some of the causes of terrorism that war inflames.

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GW Bush supports Fire Fighters and other First Responders.

2004-05-11 by

Harold Schaitberger, President of the International Firefighters Association said Mar 3, 2004, "The fact is Bush's actions have resulted in fire stations closing in communities around the country. Two-thirds of America's fire departments remain under-staffed because Bush is failing to enforce a new law that was passed with bipartisan support in Congress that would put more fire fighters in our communities. President Bush's budget proposes to cut Homeland Security Department funding for first responders by $700 million for next year and cuts funding for the FIRE Act, a grant program that helps fire departments fund equipment needs, 33 percent by $250 million. In addition, state and local programs for homeland security purposes were reduced $200 million."

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The Bush Administration says that we do not need more troops in Iraq

2004-01-11 by

U.S. Troops have been quitting the military at an increased rate since the start of the Iraq war. The troops in Iraq are stretched so thin that troops have been prohibited from leaving the military at the end of their terms.

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Solving terrorism requires a reduction of civil rights

2004-01-11 by

Unless human and civil rights around the world improve, terrorism will continue.

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Star Wars II Anti-Missile Defense System will Protect America

2004-01-11 by

The anti-missile program is impractical, illogical, expensive, and takes money from other more vital military functions.

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GW says he is increasing port and border security

2004-01-11 by

The GW Bush administration has not spent the money it was allocated for port and border security, and forced Congress to allocate less money than Congress originally planned to allocate before it would sign the appropriations bill.

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